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These photos represent a variety of projects on Ilford film over the last few years. More information about each image is available by hovering over each image.


Jesiah Hallford

Paul HalPERN

Paul Halpern is a retired engineer living in Eugene, Oregon since 2004, by way of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada. His interest in photography originated with a camera given to him in high school, but then lay dormant for a few decades of college, family, and career. The advent of the Eugene Darkroom Group rekindled his interest in things photographic. Learning about the processes of light, film, and chemistry fits well with his life-long interest in science and tech. He also enjoys struggling with the concept of "creativity". When wandering with one of his too-numerous cameras, his eye is caught by interesting shapes, textures, and the juxtaposition of the natural and built environments. Halpern is also a co-founder of Whiteaker Printmakers, a non-profit, member-supported printmaking studio located in the Whiteaker area of Eugene. (And he never thought he would become so involved in the arts!)

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