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Effective April 1, we are eliminating the two-tier membership model. We have chosen to drop our “membership one” option that offered limited days and times for entry, opting instead for a merged, single structure that allows all members 24/7 darkroom access (previously reserved only for those enrolled in the “membership two” tier.) This means ALL members will automatically gain 24/7 darkroom access come April 1!

This single membership rate will be priced between our previous existing tier prices, at $40 a month. This updated price is both a tool to allow greater accessibility to all members, and a response to our urgent need for increased funding to keep the darkroom running.


If you are able, we encourage contributing more than $10 monthly to increase the impact of your membership towards facility improvements. The consistency of income from automatic payments will also allow us to better budget throughout the entire year.

Auto-pay is quick and simple to set up, and the best method for sustained support.

Click the button below to enroll in auto-pay now:
(You must move the slider to say "make this a monthly donation" in order for Auto-Pay to work)

One of our biggest goals is to remain an accessible and affordable darkroom in our community, so we will continue to offer our sliding scale option for membership payments. However, with the current membership payments we are receiving, we are not able to meet the most basic financial needs to run our organization. 

Effective April 1, sliding scale membership payments will have a $10 minimum and be available only to those enrolled in auto-pay. In order to cover chemistry and operations costs, we need every member to be paying at least this rate each month.

Sign up for Sliding Scale Autopay Here

Thank you for supporting our mission to preserve and promote film photography - quite simply, we couldn’t do it without you. We look forward to remaining a space for creative expression and education now and for a long time to come. Please contact us with any questions at

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