Elora Kelsh is a multimedia artist from Pleasanton, California who currently works and lives in Eugene, Oregon. She often considers the experience of time and how quickly narrative comes into play within it. She creates contemporary visuals mixed with relics from other eras to convolute their position in time.

Elora's process revolves around repetition, iteration, photography, and collage. She's interested in conflict, collections, and the beauty in the ambiguity they possess

straightened-out-2_1750 copy.jpg
Fantasy_1750 copy.jpg
straightened-out_1200 copy.jpg
Flower_1750 copy.jpg
Coil_1750 copy.jpg
catwindow_2500_c copy.png

The Eugene Darkroom Group is a 501c3 non-profit in Eugene, Oregon. Our mission is to preserve and promote film photography and provide accessible education about the medium. We seek to revitalize a beautiful yet struggling medium by investing in the photographic talent of the people in the Eugene area. Our goal is to provide a thoroughly equipped darkroom for film photographers and accessible education to the community. Our community darkroom facility and education program are located at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon.

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