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These photos represent a variety of projects on Ilford film over the last few years. More information about each image is available by hovering over each image.


Jesiah Hallford

Liam hannon

Liam Hannon is a visual artist from Washington D.C. who currently lives in Eugene, OR. They like to take two opposing ideas and put them in one piece. Nature fascinates him and is present in most of his work. He takes photos of their everyday life and puts a creative spin on them after the fact. He manipulates the photos using photoshop and other editing tools on his phone if inspiration strikes he will do them on the spot. They often do double exposure, portraits and landscape pieces, multi-media pieces with their own sketchbook pieces. He took photography all four years of high school and have followed this passion for years previously and currently. He's always had an interest in photos and editing them. He was a Teaching Assistant when they were a senior high school for an introductory photography class and an introductory art class. He also took product photos for an online store a few years ago.

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